Ismail Haniya: Palestinian people will never again succumb to illusions of negotiations

The head of the Hamas politburo, Ismail Haniyeh, assured that the Palestinian people would no longer fall into the trap of illusions and mirages of negotiations that affect the essence of the issue.

Haniya commented on US President Joe Biden’s visit to the Middle East, stating that “the attempts by the US administration to reorganize the region by integrating the State of Israel into it and providing it with security through alliances with Arab governments will fail because the position of the peoples of these countries is against these alliances.” “.

According to Haniya: “The Palestinian people will never again succumb to the illusions of negotiations that have harmed the Palestinian cause, but the right and best option is to continue to resist until the end of the occupation.”

Haniyeh called for a strategic dialogue between the constituents of the nation and its states that leads to the building of a political union that protects the region from hegemony, normalization and wealth control.

He stressed that “the choice of our people is to continue all-round resistance until the occupier is defeated and the people return to their homeland.”

Source: i24news

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