Is Mortada Mansour’s Presidency at Zamalek Club Set for a Comeback?

The Egyptian Government Litigation Authority, on behalf of the Minister of Sports and the Giza Youth and Sports Authority, has decided to appeal the decision to dismiss adviser Mortada Mansour as president of the Zamalek club.

An appeal was filed by Mortada Mansour, the president of the Zamalek club, who was dismissed from the club’s presidency, against a lawsuit filed by Abdullah George, Ibrahim Saeed Amer, Mustafa Syed Abdel Khalek to appeal the decision of the Administrative Court. .

The Supreme Administrative Court has set a hearing for June 19 next year to hear the appeal of Mortada Mansour, the sacked president of the Zamalek Club, against a ruling obliging Dr.

Mortada Mansour sued in his lawsuit against the Minister of Youth and Sports, the Director of the Youth and Sports Authority at Giza, the President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee in their capacity, and the appellants in a case that resulted in an administrative judgment. , and these are Mamdouh Abbas, Hani Al-Attal and others.

Mortada Mansour called for a halt in enforcement of the Administrative Court’s ruling that the court had no jurisdiction to hear the case and ordered the defendants to pay court costs and attorneys’ fees.

And the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports previously announced the dismissal of Mortada Mansour as president of the Zamalek club after he served a month in prison, amid insults and slanders against Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly.

The decision of the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports was taken on the basis of the ruling of the Egyptian Administrative Court on the grounds that Mortada Mansour was subjected to a punishment restricting his freedom after he was imprisoned for a month.

Mortada Mansour has repeatedly confirmed that he has apologized for not continuing as president of the Zamalek club in the coming period, while the club’s board of directors continued their work during the last period without him until a new general meeting was held.

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