Iraq’s Water Demands: Turkey and Iran’s Involvement in the Interaction

Iraqi Deputy Minister of Water Resources Raed Al-Jashami announced that Turkey and Iran were engaging with Iraqi demands that called for permanent agreements and page turning of temporary agreements in the water file.

Today, Sunday, Al-Jashami said that his country has agreed with Turkey and Iran to hold a specialized technical meeting in the near future to discuss the water file, adding: “We have had constructive discussions with the Iranian delegation led by the Minister of Energy and the ministry’s frontline staff. on the sidelines of the Third Baghdad Water Conference, which addressed all the outstanding issues that we touched upon in response to Iraq’s demands.

He added that “a high-level Turkish technical delegation also attended the conference and visited the ministry’s facilities in the Euphrates basin, and were briefed on the implications of water shortages and understanding of Iraq’s needs in light of the ongoing shortage”, pointing to “the interaction of the two sides with the scale of the problem, facing Iraq.

He pointed out that “the technical meetings that took place with the delegations of the two countries paved the way for an agreement to hold a specialized technical meeting in the near future to discuss the water file in all its details, and Iraq informed postal countries to move to permanent agreements and turn the page temporary agreements that have taken place in the past because the water situation has changed.”

Source: Iraqi News Agency.

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