Iraq’s Oil Ministry Announces September 2021 Crude Oil Export Volumes and Revenues

Iraq’s Oil Ministry announces preliminary statistics on crude oil exports and revenues for September

Iraq’s Oil Ministry announced on Sunday preliminary statistics on the volumes of crude oil exported and revenues achieved for September last year.

Total Export Volume and Revenues

The Ministry of Petroleum revealed the total export volume and revenues achieved for the month of September, according to preliminary statistics released by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company SOMO. The total export volume of crude oil amounted to 103 million 143 thousand 199 US dollars, with revenue amounting to $9.494 billion.

Crude Oil Exports by Region

Statistics showed that total crude oil exports for September from oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to 102 million 220 thousand 441 barrels. Additionally, exports to Jordan amounted to 449 thousand 423 barrels, while exports from the Qayara region amounted to 473 thousand 335 barrels.

Daily Export Volume and Average Price

The average daily export volume reached 3 million 438 thousand barrels per day, and the average price of one barrel reached $92.05.

Transparency Efforts

It is noteworthy that the ministry, in an effort to inform the population about export operations and the income generated from them, has adopted this monthly measure.

Source: RT

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