Iraqi Kurdistan seeks representation in regional water discussions

Deputy Agriculture Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan Karim Suleiman called on the federal government to take part of the region’s representative in international negotiations on water resources, especially with Turkey and Iran.

Suleiman said today, Saturday, that the Minister of Water Resources and Agriculture in the regional government, Bekard Talabani, attended an Iraq-level committee meeting two days ago, chaired by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani.

And he pointed out that “the Minister of Resources of Kurdistan has asked the Prime Minister of the federal government that the Ministry of Agriculture and Resources of the region be represented in the committees negotiating the water crisis with the Turkish or Iranian side or any other country.”

He explained, “The Kurdistan Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources is awaiting a response from the federal government regarding the submitted request for the need to have a representative of the region on the committees formed to deal with the water crisis.”

Source: Shafak News

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