Iraqi Immigrant Arrested for Burning Quran in Sweden: Latest Updates and Reactions

Quran Burning Incident in Sweden


Iraqi immigrant Silvan Momika burned a copy of the Noble Quran in the Swedish city of Malmö, where someone tried to stop him from doing so, before being arrested by the police.

Incident Details

SVT reported that “Sloan Momika burned the Holy Quran on Fernhemstorget in Malmö during a demonstration he held today Sunday and a man tried to prevent him from burning a copy of the Quran but the police arrested him.”

According to the channel, the demonstration was attended by about 200 people, the atmosphere of the event was “tense”. According to the website of the Swedish police, “after the organizer left the scene, the event ended.” It is also noteworthy that the police arrested several more people at the demonstration.

Consequences and Reactions

An Iraqi refugee in Sweden, Sylvan Momika, caused widespread anger at the level of many countries and Islamic organizations, and his consequences continue to this day, after he committed the crime of burning and desecrating the Noble Quran in front of the meetings he organized in Stockholm.

Recently, in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, there have been repeated cases of misuse of the Koran by right-wing extremists in front of the embassies of Islamic countries, which caused an angry reaction, in addition to official calls from diplomats of these countries in more than one Arab country.

On July 26, the United Nations adopted a consensus resolution drafted by Morocco condemning all acts of violence against sacred books as a violation of international law.


Source: RT

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