Iraq: "OPEC+" I decided to leave the production policy unchanged

Iraqi Oil Minister Hayan Abdul Ghani announced that OPEC+ stressed the importance of taking additional measures regarding the development of the oil market in order to maintain balance and stability in light of the challenges facing global markets.

This was stated by Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Abdul Ghani after participating in the ministerial meeting of the OPEC plus alliance, noting that the meeting is aimed at maintaining balance and achieving greater stability in the light of the circumstances and challenges facing global markets. .

He said: “All the topics that were discussed were agreed, including those related to the Ministerial Committee for Production Control.”

The meeting also decided to call for urgent and necessary meetings, as well as the importance of full compliance with the agreement and the compensation mechanism, noting that among those present were the CEO of the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO, Alaa Al-Yasiri, and the representative of Iraq in the OPEC Organization “.

Source: RT

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