Iranian Security Minister: We have carried out successful operations against Israel in recent months

Iranian Security and Intelligence Minister Ismail Khatib reported on Iran’s successful operations against Israel in recent months.

Ismail Khatib said, “In recent months, in addition to countering the conspiracies of the Zionist entity, we have also been able to carry out a number of successful operations against this entity, and this is a testament to the security strength of the Islamic Republic and the security of Iran. strength.” However, he did not disclose the nature of these operations.

Khatib cited “conspiracies by Israel and terrorist groups against Iran, and the success of the Iranian security services in fending off and countering these plans.”

He added: “The enemies of Iran have failed to use the right popular demands and turn them into protests despite their efforts in this regard, due to the popular policies pursued by the government, its interest in the street and the demands of the citizens.”

Iran’s security minister also warned that “any country that has a nest aimed at the country’s security should know that it is not immune to an Iranian response.”

Source: “Mir”

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