Iranian Revolutionary Guards unveil three new warships (photo)

Today, Monday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy unveiled three new warships, including the Suleimani Martyr, for patrol and combat missions.

During the ceremony, the high-speed missile carrier “Martyr Rouhi” and the high-speed missile carrier “Martyr Dara” were also presented.

As for the Suleimani Martyr ship, it is a warship equipped with the latest surveillance and detection systems for radar, telecommunications interception and electronic warfare in the field of intelligence, identification and surveillance of targets, surface and underground movement.

Major General Muhammad Bagheri, Chief of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, said: “The Suleimani Martyr ship has a radar-hidden design with a very small cross-section, and due to its design features, it is capable of performing dual operations (missile and sea-air ) in remote waters”.

He pointed out that “the Soleimani Martyr ship has a wider maneuverability and a significantly smaller circular width compared to other ships of a similar size, which allows it to carry out various offensive and defensive tactical operations”, noting that “this ship is equipped with four powerful home-made engines that provide him with the opportunity to be present. “Fast on the battlefields and sailing long distances to protect Iranian interests without the need for shore logistical support.”

Source: “Mir”

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