Iranian Revolutionary Guards: It’s time for the demise of America, which used to appoint kings in the region

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, assistant for coordination at the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, said it was time for the United States to decline and that its political capacity, which used to appoint kings in the region, had waned.

In a speech he gave on the occasion of the anniversary of the “Islamic revolution,” Nakdi said that the United States is now bowing to the Chinese economy.

He added: “The Americans have been talking about the need to eliminate Hamas for 25 years and calling for an end to Hezbollah for 30 years, but these two resistance movements are still showing their strength.”

And he continued: “In addition, America left 600,000 weapons in Afghanistan and slavishly left this country and fled, and could not even evacuate its agents.”

Fars news agency quoted Nakdi as saying, “The enemy will not go unnoticed in Iran’s development and progress.”

Source: Tariff Agency.

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