Iranian President: The slightest movement against our territorial integrity will be met with a decisive response

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi warned that “the slightest movement against the territorial integrity of Iran will be given a strong response”, stressing that “no one has the right to speak with the Iranian people in the language of force.”

Ibrahim Raisi said: “Iran is closely following all the developments in the region and will not lose sight of any movement.”

Raisi added: “Washington says that Iran should return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, while the Islamic Republic has never withdrawn from it, and the US has violated the agreement … Iran will not back down from its rightful positions. and I advise Americans to look at the facts and learn from the past instead of repeating the failed experiment of maximum pressure on the Iranian people.”

And he added: “Americans must have realized over the past 43 years that it is impossible to speak to the Iranian people in the language of power, and it is strange that they still want to speak the same discourse that will lead nowhere.” result for them.

The Iranian president added that “Iran acted rationally and presented its logical demands during the negotiations, whether with the 5+1 and 4+1 groups”, stressing that “Tehran did not put forward demands outside the acceptable framework.”

Regarding US President Joe Biden’s visit to the region, Raisi said, “If American visits to the region are aimed at strengthening Israel’s position and normalizing its relations with some countries in the region, their efforts will not bring security to Israel.”

And he continued: “Iran has repeatedly stated to those who delivered messages to it from America that if the slightest movement is made against Iranian territory, it will meet with a decisive Iranian response.”

Source: RT

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