Iranian President during a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Armenia: The region cannot allow a new war

In a telephone conversation with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi expressed concern about the continued tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan, stressing that the region cannot allow a new war at all.

The official Iranian news agency quoted Raisi as saying during a telephone conversation: “The Caucasus region is going through special circumstances and it is a pity that peace and tranquility have not yet returned to the region.”

The Iranian President called for the need for “the signatories of the ceasefire statement to comply with the content of this statement and avoid any tension in the region,” and also indicated that his country is constantly monitoring the situation and developments in the Caucasus.

Regarding bilateral relations, Raisi said: “The historical borders of Iran and Armenia are a suitable platform for prosperity, solidarity, reconciliation and regional security, and Tehran is determined to continue partnership in all areas for security and prosperity in the region. “

In the same context, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani called on Azerbaijan and Armenia to exercise restraint and resolve their differences peacefully and on the basis of international law, expressing concern about the escalation of tensions and border disputes between the two countries.

Kanani also confirmed that his country rejects any change in the borders of Azerbaijan and Armenia, noting that Iran is closely following developments related to this issue, and also stressed the need to respect the territorial integrity of the two countries.

“Our country is ready to provide any assistance to resolve differences between the two neighboring countries,” said the representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

It is noteworthy that armed clashes broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenia yesterday, and Yerevan and Baku accused each other of escalating tension on the border.

Source: Erna

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