Iranian parliamentarian: We expect trade exchange with Russia to exceed $4 billion

The Iranian parliamentarian believes that the commercial capacity available in Iran and Russia will increase the volume of bilateral trade exchange to a level exceeding the current figure of $4 billion a year.

In a statement to IRNA today, Sunday, the head of the Iranian Parliament’s Home Affairs and Councils Committee, Mohammad Saleh Jokar, referred to the recent visit of a number of committee members to Russia, noting that the upward trend in the volume of trade has not reached the necessary limit and “we hope that in it will grow in the future.”

The Iranian parliamentarian highly appreciated the efforts of his country’s ambassador to Russia, which he called “constructive for strengthening ties between the regions of the two countries.”

Jokar added that achieving the desired volume of trade between Tehran and Moscow requires closer cooperation from Iranian and Russian trade advisers.

He also noted the readiness of the State Duma (deputies) of the Russian Federation for comprehensive cooperation with the Islamic Republic in this direction.

Source: “ERNA”

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