Iranian parliamentarian: We are striving to bring the volume of trade with Russia to $20 billion

Ebrahim Rezai, a member of the Iranian parliament’s committee on national security and foreign policy, confirmed that “the volume of trade between Iran and Russia has increased significantly under the government of President Ebrahim Raisi.”

In statements to the official IRNA news agency, Ibrahim Rezaee said: “During President Ibrahim Raisi’s visit to Russia, an agreement was reached to increase the volume of trade between the two countries to $10 billion, and it could increase to $20 billion annually. .”

Rezaei continued, “The volume of trade between Iran and Russia increased to $4 billion a year under the Raisi government, while under the previous government it was less than $3 billion, and we expect it to increase in 2022,” highlighting the “need to strengthen transport infrastructure between the two countries.

He added: “It is necessary to develop and strengthen the infrastructure of air, land and maritime transport between the two countries”, emphasizing that “sea transport is the easiest and cheapest way to trade between the two countries.”

He also mentioned the “importance of barter goods in the process of trade exchange between the two countries”, believing that “the import of necessary goods from Russia and the export of Iranian goods to this country plays an important role in strengthening trade relations between the two countries.” them.”

Source: “ERNA”

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