Iranian oil tanker arrives in Syria with a million barrels of crude oil

An Iranian tanker carrying a million barrels of crude oil has arrived at the Syrian port of Baniyas and is scheduled to begin unloading today.

The Al-Baath newspaper, the mouthpiece of Syria’s ruling party, quoted “informed sources” that the tanker “has completed the terminals of the Baniyas oil port” and that “unloading operations will begin today, Thursday, after the completion of the necessary maritime and technical procedures and operations.”

The newspaper notes that this tanker is “the fifth after the operation of the Iranian credit line” after oil supplies to the country were blocked almost two months ago.

According to the newspaper, “the arrival of more carriers is being calculated, which will increase the stability of the local market in the coming days, and this will be reflected in a reduction in the arrival time of gasoline, diesel and gas shipments, in addition to easing the severity of rationing.”

Source: Syrian newspaper Al-Baath.

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