Iranian oil company announces readiness to resume oil production "up to the highest level"

The National Iranian Oil Company announced its readiness to restore crude oil production to the maximum level and conducted large-scale exercises in this regard in all regions.

“If a country needs to increase exports of crude oil or increase the consumption of domestic refineries, this can be done as soon as possible,” said Hormuz Kalavand, director of monitoring oil and gas production at the company.

Kalavand explained that the company’s production management department has conducted “large-scale exercises in all areas of land and sea on a large scale since the beginning of the week,” “due to the increase in the crude oil production capacity of the National Iranian Oil Company. to the maximum extent possible.”

He added that the maneuver “was aimed at identifying and removing bottlenecks and eliminating them by measuring the readiness level of equipment, oil facilities, wells and manpower,” as quoted by the Iranian news agency.

The agency indicated that crude oil production before the imposition of US sanctions on Iran was 3 million 838 thousand barrels per day.

Source: Iranian News Agency.

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