Iranian Judiciary Vows to Enforce Hijab Law and Back Police with Full Support

The Iranian judiciary stressed that they will not allow violations of the hijab law in the country and will provide the necessary support to the police and relevant departments to protect this law.

“Everyone should feel bound to follow the law in matters of cultural policy and veil,” said Judiciary Chief Mohsen Ejei.

“We will not allow violations of the law regarding the hijab and will provide all necessary support to the police and security forces to identify the groups behind the systematic attack on the hijab,” he added.

And Iranian police announced on Saturday they would begin enforcing a stricter law on women without a veil and warned offenders of the consequences of breaking it.

And Iranian police chief Ahmad Reza Radan said: “Starting next Saturday, we will seriously identify all those who do not wear the hijab in cars, on the roads and in public places, with the help of modern and advanced devices.

He added: “It is enough to warn them the first time, and if the case repeats, they will be taken to court.”

He said a warning would be sent out to all shops and companies about women workers’ commitment to wearing the hijab, noting that the warning would be issued for the first time, and if the case repeats, it will be closed.

The chief of police explained that Iranian women are chaste and care about the health of society, and that the issue of wearing the hijab is a social problem, and all social consequences find a kind of healthy association.

And he pointed out that one of the elements of public health is the wearing of a veil in accordance with the provisions of Islamic society.

Source: Iranian media

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