Iran: We hope our negotiating team can lift the embargo with all the arguments they have

The head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Mohammad Eslami, said that Tehran is counting on the ability of the negotiating group to lift sanctions and put the country on the path of development with its strong arguments regarding Tehran’s nuclear activities.

Eslami expressed his hope that the Iranian nuclear negotiating group could present a logical and valid argument regarding Iran’s nuclear activities in order to lift the embargo against the country, and wished them success in achieving their goal.

His statement was made during a ceremony to commemorate the martyrs of the seventh Tire (June 28, 1981) on Thursday evening in the city of Isfahan, the center of the central province of Isfahan.

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization in Iran referred to accusations by Western countries of collaborating with their mercenaries from a group of hypocrites regarding Iran’s decision to build a nuclear bomb, stating: “For 20 years they have made accusations against Iran,” adding that Iran’s approval of the nuclear deal was removed from these charges and strengthened confidence.

He explained that a group of hypocrites began their activities regarding Iran’s nuclear activities twenty years ago to serve the global hubris and claimed that Iran had built a nuclear bomb, so the International Atomic Agency decided to investigate the matter.

He also pointed out that Iranian officials have been negotiating with various parties over the course of these twenty years to deny these accusations, explaining that the negotiations eventually led to a nuclear deal to lift the embargo on the country.

“But during the recent negotiation period, the Zionist entity claimed that it had stolen documents from the Iranian nuclear archive and decided to reveal one of those documents each time, while 16 international nuclear intelligence organizations said that Iran had no secret nuclear activities,” – he said. .

Source: Iranian news agency IRNA.

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