Iran urges Argentina to raise "immediately" For restrictions on the crew of the detained plane, which was held for weeks in Buenos Aires

Iran summoned the Charge d’Affaires of the Argentine Embassy in Tehran and demanded that he “immediately” lift the travel restrictions imposed on 5 Iranian crew members of the Venezuelan plane, which was hijacked by Buenos Aires within weeks.

Argentina has detained a Boeing 747 cargo plane owned by Emtrasur, a subsidiary of the Venezuelan state-owned company Conviasa, since June, and the crew members (14 Venezuelans and 5 Iranians) have not been allowed to leave the country until the completion of investigative procedures.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry confirmed that it had summoned the charge d’affaires of the Argentine embassy on Tuesday “and informed him of the strong protest against the backdrop of travel restrictions imposed on the five Iranian citizens who were part of the crew of the liner. Venezuelan transport aircraft after taking off from Argentina.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the “deep concern and concern of the families of five Iranian citizens over the decision to seize their identity documents and the ban on leaving Argentina as a flagrant violation of human rights rules” and demanded “the immediate lifting of these restrictions.”

The plane landed in Argentina on June 6th from Mexico, and when it tried to fly to Uruguay two days later, it was not allowed to enter, so it turned back to Argentina, where it was not allowed to take off.

The authorities have banned flight attendants from traveling while the judiciary is investigating their background, especially any connection to the security guards.

According to Iranian officials, the aircraft belonged to the Iranian company Mahan Air and was sold to a Venezuelan company a year ago.

Washington accuses Mahan Air of ties to the Revolutionary Guards, which are on its list of “terrorist” organizations.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez stressed in June that the plane had been halted due to difficulties in refueling it, and not because of suspicions of a possible connection with the Revolutionary Guard, and Paraguayan intelligence agencies reported that one of those on board the plane was connected to a detachment of Quds, which is intended for foreign operations in the guard.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed: “The accusations are false and the lengthy investigation conducted by the Argentine investigating judge on the Venezuelan aircraft and the Iranian citizens on it is false,” stressing that “the situation of the aircraft and the Iranian citizens of its crew is in full compliance with international law.” and air navigation charters, and therefore there are no justified claims against them.”

Source: AFP.

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