Iran: the maneuver begins "sea ​​power" Revolutionary Guard in the south of the country

Iran announced the start of the Navy Eqdeer maneuver with the participation of military units of the second naval base and units of the mobilization forces of the Revolutionary Guards Navy near the port of Dilwar in the province of Bushehr.

In a statement during the launch ceremony for this maneuver today, Saturday, Deputy Commander of the Second Region of the Revolutionary Guard Navy, Brigadier General Heydar Henrian Moirad, confirmed that “this naval parade aims to commemorate the martyrs of the resistance. against colonialism in Iran, especially the martyr Rais Ali Dilwari, a pioneer in the struggle against British colonialism in the south of the country.” In the era of the constitutional revolution (1905-1911) the security of neighboring countries.

Brigadier General Henrian Moidred added: “The maneuver of naval power carries a warning to the enemies and colonial and arrogant forces of our time that the response will be devastating to any move resulting from an error in their calculations or their plots to compromise the territorial integrity and security. countries”.

This commander also noted the participation of about 300 naval units of the people’s and army formations in the second area of ​​the Revolutionary Guards Navy in the “Sea Force” maneuver.

Source: Erna

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