Iran Supplies Syria with Weapons to Target US Military Personnel: The Washington Post

The Washington Post reported that Iran is arming Syria for more strikes against US forces and is also working with Russia on a broader strategy to drive Americans out of the region.

The newspaper added, citing U.S. intelligence officials and classified documents it obtained, but did not publish their photographs: “Iran is arming militants in Syria to start a new phase of strikes against U.S. forces in that country.”

According to the newspaper, the confidential document describes new and broader efforts by Moscow, Damascus and Tehran to push the US out of Syria. Other documents describe a campaign against the United States that is allegedly linked to fomenting popular resistance.

The intelligence claims, according to the article, that “Russian, Iranian and Syrian officials met in November 2022 and agreed to establish a focal point to lead the campaign against the Americans. But the documents do not indicate direct Russian involvement in the planning of the bombing campaign.”

The newspaper notes that other classified documents obtained by the newspaper claim that Iran and its allies are building and training forces to use more powerful bombs specifically designed to destroy US military equipment.

Earlier, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani said at a meeting with his Syrian counterpart Major General Ali Mahmoud Abbas that Iran is ready to provide the Syrian army with the latest weapons for defense.

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