Iran reveals latest developments in nuclear deal talks and urges Grossi to remain neutral

Iran confirmed on Monday that “negotiations on a nuclear deal are ongoing through European mediator Enrique Mora,” stressing that it “does not accept time limits or pressure in this regard.”

At his weekly press conference, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said: “There are some mediations from the countries of the region and European countries to find convergence on the agreement … We are serious about reaching a good, lasting and sustainable agreement, guaranteeing the interests of the Iranian people.”

Kanaani added: “We have presented constructive innovations and we believe that if the American side has good intentions, it will introduce constructive innovations in response to Iran. We believe that we are not far from an agreement, and this depends on the American position. adding, “Iran wants an agreement to happen.” But it is also important for us to ensure our interests.”

He continued, “Iran is a member state of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and in recent years it has allowed (International Nuclear Energy) inspectors to inspect nuclear centers, and most of the agency’s inspection missions have been conducted in Tehran. based on Tehran’s good faith in overcoming disputed files. But these constructive steps did not receive a positive response from the agency and its CEO, Rafael Grossi.”

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman added: “Groshi has taken an unprofessional and unfair stance towards Iran and wants to raise issues against our nuclear activities from time to time.

Nasser Kanaani continued, “Grossi would be better off paying attention to Iran’s cooperation (with the agency), and in return, Israel’s activities are not subject to international treaties… Grossi’s statements were sometimes similar to those of Israel.”

Source: RT

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