Iran reveals details of arrest of agents"Mossad" in the country

The prosecutor of the province of Sistan and Balochistan (southeast of Iran), Mahdi Shamsabadi, revealed the details of the detention of agents of the Israeli intelligence Mossad.

In a press statement, Mahdi Shamsabadi said, “Our Security Directorate colleagues have been monitoring the situation closely for about 8 months, so killing nuclear scientists was on the agenda for some of these people.”

Shamsabadi continued: “Through the strict surveillance of the intelligence, the members of the cell have been identified and arrested in each of the various provinces, and there is so much evidence against these individuals that they did not object at all to the issued arrest warrants.”

He noted that “the case is now at the stage of preliminary investigation, and in the near future the indictment will be issued and sent to court.”

Source: “Mir”

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