Iran Exports $4 Billion worth of Goods to Iraq in First 7 Months of Current Fiscal Year

The Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce reported that the country’s exports to Iraq amounted to about $4 billion in goods in the first 7 months of the current fiscal year (March 21 to October 20, 2022).

In statements to the Fars news agency, Hamid Hosseini, board member of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce, said: “Reports point to a steady increase in Iranian exports through dry ports with Iraq, explaining that the country’s exports to Iraq topped an average of $600 million in the seventh month. “. Since the current fiscal year ending October 20, 2022, it has totaled $647 million, up from the $420 million level reached the previous month.

Hosseini expressed hope that average monthly exports will increase by $750 million to $800 million in the coming months and that the first half of the fiscal year (March 20 to September 20, 2022) will offset the decline in the first half. half, adding: “The anticipation of the formation of a new government and the slowdown in intra-trade relations during the forty days of the visit, as well as Iran’s cancellation of the official exchange rate for basic commodities, are among the factors that contributed to the decline in exports to Iraq.

He noted that non-electricity merchandise exports to Iraq in the most recent fiscal year ending March 20, 2022, totaled $9 billion.

Source: “dowry”

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