Iran demands release of US assets frozen in Afghanistan

Iran’s Permanent Representative to the UN Zahra Ershidi offered condolences to the Afghan people for the victims of the recent devastating earthquake, calling for the release of Afghan assets frozen by the United States.

In her speech, Irshidi called on the international community to take immediate action to counter this humanitarian catastrophe and release Afghan assets by countries that have confiscated or frozen them in violation of international humanitarian standards.

She stressed Iran’s firm commitment to the lofty goal of protecting civilians, as well as preventing genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, the need to prosecute those responsible, and the commitment of all states to protect all citizens, especially children and youth, in catastrophic humanitarian conditions.

She noted that “since at least 2005, a number of countries have repeatedly expressed their concerns and questions about the new concept of the responsibility to protect, in particular its scope and application, as well as its interpretation”, emphasizing that “it is necessary to consider and consider these concerns in the report of the Secretary-General. The United Nations must take into account the positions of all Member States and treat them on an equal footing.”

Source: irna

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