Iran buys gas from Russia

The Iranian Oil Ministry has announced that a contract for gas import and gas exchange between Iran and Russia will be announced soon, the Fars news agency reported yesterday.

Through the Republic of Azerbaijan, it is planned to import Russian gas in the amount of 9 million 600 thousand cubic meters per day, according to a message released on Monday by the Public Relations Department of the Iranian Oil Ministry.

An agreement was also reached on the exchange with Russia of the equivalent of 6 million cubic meters of gas per day for export from South Iran in the form of gas condensate.

The public relations department of the Iranian Oil Ministry indicated that earlier a memorandum of understanding worth $40 billion was signed between Russian Gazprom and the National Iranian Oil Company.

It is noteworthy that the agreed issues include the construction of a pipeline for the export of Iranian gas to Pakistan and Oman, as well as the completion of Iranian gas condensate projects.

Source: Faris

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