Iran bombed centers of Kurdish opposition groups in Iraqi Kurdistan

An Iraqi news agency reported that the headquarters of three Iranian opposition parties were targeted by rockets and drones in northern Iraq’s Kurdistan Region last night.

This comes less than a week after similar strikes were carried out against these groups, which Tehran accuses of provoking demonstrations that have taken place in Iran in recent weeks.

Iraqi Kurdistan’s anti-terror services said that “the (Iranian) Revolutionary Guards again struck Iranian Kurdish parties,” without giving any figures for the loss of life in these strikes, which took place around midnight.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran and the Iranian Kurdish nationalist organization Komala confirmed that the strikes were carried out on their facilities in this region in northern Iraq.

On November 14, Iranian missile and drone strikes against Iranian Kurdish opposition groups killed one person and injured eight in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The Iranian government accuses these opposition groups of fueling unrest in Iran since September 16 following the death of Mahsa Amini after she was arrested by the police.

A number of high-ranking Iranian officials sent warnings to the authorities of Baghdad and Erbil in this regard, asking them to neutralize these opposition groups.

Source: agencies

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