Iran and Saudi Arabia Embassies Opening Preparations in Progress

The head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Parliament, Vahid Jalalzade, said that preparations are underway to activate the embassies of Iran and Saudi Arabia, after which an exchange of ambassadors of the two countries will take place.

Jalalzade stressed that “the policy of strengthening relations with neighbors is well pursued by the government. So far, we have established balanced relations with most of our neighbors in Central Asia, the Persian Gulf and the east of the country”, noting that “many of the problems that we had with some Central Asian countries were resolved in the Thirteenth Government, and now we are in good relations with these countries.

He believed that “the government’s policy of reducing escalation with some countries in the Gulf region, including the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, was a good and correct policy. Of course, we expect this approach to be used in our economic and political fields.”

Regarding the opening of the embassies of Iran and Saudi Arabia, Jalalzadeh said, “In order to activate the embassies and representative offices of the two countries, a number of measures and preparations are required, after which the exchange of ambassadors of the two countries will take place. “, emphasizing that “it is necessary to carry out the resumption of relations between Iran and countries such as Saudi Arabia. This should have consequences in the economic and political fields and in the countries of the region.”

He added, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran are two very important countries in the Islamic world and the region, and if these two countries have a good and balanced relationship with each other, this issue will be in the interest of the Islamic countries.” region, and we may also see a better approach in the future when we confront the enemies of the Islamic world.”

“The Islamic Shura Council supports the policy of strengthening relations with neighbors and reducing tensions in the region. Of course, we are waiting for the political and economic benefits of de-escalation with countries like Saudi Arabia and the strengthening of the neighborhood policy, and we need to see its consequences in practice,” he stressed.

Source: “Mehr”

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