Investigation launched into UK Olympic champion Farah smuggling case

The London Metropolitan Police have launched an investigation into the discovery that athletics legend, four-time Olympic champion Mohamed Farah was smuggled into the United Kingdom as a child.

The investigation came after Farah, 39, revealed in a documentary that a woman he didn’t know brought him to the UK when he was 8 and forced him to babysit her children.

Farah said he was not allowed to go to school until he was 12 years old.

In a documentary produced by the BBC and Red Bull Studios, Farah said his real name was Hussein Abdi Kaheen, stressing that he was flown to the UK on forged travel documents that included his photo next to Muhammad Farah’s name. the name given to him, which he bore when he won four Olympic gold medals and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Farah said in the documentary that PE teacher Alan Watkinson helped him obtain British citizenship under the name Muhammad Farah.

The London Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “We are aware of media reports about Sir Mo Farah. No reports have been received by the police department at this time. Specialists have launched an investigation and are currently evaluating the available information. .”

Farah has previously said he moved with his parents to the UK as a refugee from Somalia, but has revealed in a new documentary that his parents never came to the UK.

According to the film, his father was shot dead during the riots in Somalia when Farah was four years old. His mother and two brothers live on the family farm in Somaliland, an internationally unrecognized breakaway region of Somalia.

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