inventor"WIFI"My Arabic character delayed my international fame

Egyptian citizen Hatem Zaghloul, the inventor of Wi-Fi, said his Arab identity in European countries influenced his global fame.

Zaghlul added that he graduated from the Faculty of Communications at Cairo University in 1979 in Engineering, then studied Mathematics at the Faculty of Science at Ain Shams University and received his Master’s and PhD degrees from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

He indicated that in 1989, that is, before receiving his doctorate, he was appointed as a research assistant to Canada’s largest telecommunications company.

He added: “I was asked to help develop the technology for the second generation of mobile phones. I led a research group of 24 communication doctors and we discussed everything related to the second generation of communication, and then we applied temporary technology.”

He continued: “We introduced a new technology at a major communications exhibition and its advantages were quality delivery speed in 1993 and then we received a global response to our invention until we decided to shorten the design to become more usable, and we invented 4G technology.

He said, “I lived in Europe but stuck to my Arab identity, and that had a significant impact on postponing my fame as the world’s greatest inventor.”

Source: “Cairo 24”

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