International newspapers report on Pope Francis’ health after his visit to Canada

The international press has been discussing Pope Francis’ health and said he spoke to reporters after his visit to Canada and told them that he would likely have to limit his movements and travel due to the condition of his knee.

The pope stated that it is difficult for him to treat it surgically due to difficulties with anesthesia.

At the same time, he did not rule out leaving the Russian department and from the position of the Pope, adding: “One of the natural options.”

And the Wall Street Journal reported: “Pope Francis, who has been traveling in a wheelchair since May of last year, remained seated throughout the 40-minute press conference.”

As for the French newspaper Monde, she noted that three stops in Canada with the crossing of thousands of kilometers, the change of several time zones and restrictions on movement due to wheelchairs were an ordeal for the Vatican.

For its part, the Telegraph newspaper reported that the Pope appeared at several points during the trip to Canada, clearly in pain and moving around, maneuvering his chairs up and down. She pointed out that his use of a wheelchair and reliance on a stick severely limited his movement program.

Source: RIA Novosti

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