Insufficient Patriot Systems and Missiles, Claims Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has lamented that his country cannot get enough US air defense systems and Patriot missiles.

Zelensky said during a press conference following a meeting with Estonian President Alar Karis in Kiev on Friday: “We see the number of Patriot complexes, without which it will be difficult. Our task is not to hit 70 or 75% of the targets, but 100%.”

He continued: “This is an ambitious goal, but very difficult, because there is a queue for receiving Patriot systems and missiles for them. They have a huge deficit.”

He added that the European alliance to provide Kyiv with Patriot systems is still in the initial stage of its formation.

The President of Ukraine called for the formation of such an alliance during the June 1 European Political Association summit.

He stressed that “we had very important discussions on this matter with Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands, and we also spoke with the leaders of the European Union.”

It is noteworthy that Ukraine has so far received two batteries of the Patriot air defense system provided by the United States and Germany.

Source: TASS

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