India imposes restrictions on the export of flour and wheat products

The General Directorate of Foreign Trade of the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced that the government will impose restrictions on the export of flour and wheat products from 12 July.

The agency said in a statement: “As global wheat and wheat flour supply disruptions have created many new players and led to price fluctuations and potential quality issues, it is critical to maintain the quality of India’s wheat flour exports. … Thus, the central government… adjusts its export policy. Wheat flour: Wheat flour export policy remains free, but export will be subject to the recommendations of the Interdepartmental Commission on Wheat Export. The notice will take effect July 12.

Restrictions apply to flour, whole grain flour and semolina.

The ministry said that until July 12, it will be allowed to export batches of flour that have already begun to be loaded on board ships or transferred to customs and registered in its system.

In mid-May, India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry “in view of the sharp jump in world wheat prices” imposed a ban on the export of wheat from the country. The ministry clarified that such exports will now not be allowed unless there is a special request from the government of any country to which the Indian authorities will issue a visa. After this decision, the price of wheat in Europe jumped to a record level of $455 per ton.

Source: RIA Novosti

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