India confirms intention to strengthen partnership with Russia in the energy sector

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed his country’s interest in strengthening partnership with Russia, especially in energy and Arctic issues.

Modi said in a video address today, Wednesday, during the Seventh Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, which is attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, that “India is interested in strengthening partnership with Russia on many issues, including those related to the Arctic. . .

Modi added that there are huge opportunities for cooperation in the energy sector between India and Russia, noting that his country has always stressed the need to embark on the path of diplomacy and dialogue from the very beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and supports all peaceful efforts to end the conflict.

Referring to his participation in the 2019 Forum Summit, Modi said that at that time India announced the “Active in the Far East!” policy, as a result of which India’s cooperation with the Russian Far East in various fields has expanded.

“This policy has now become the cornerstone” of the “special and privileged strategic partnership” between India and Russia, he added.

The Prime Minister of India continued: “This month marks the 30th anniversary of the Indian Consulate in Vladivostok. India was the first country to open a consulate in this city. Since then, this city has witnessed the development of our relations with Russia.”

Source: Economy Times

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