India.. Bollywood Star Ranveer Singh Interrogated Over Candid Photos

Indian police have questioned Bollywood star Ranveer Singh for indecent behavior after releasing nude photos of him.

In July, Singh, 37, posted nude photos he had taken for New York-based Paper Magazine on social media, sparking a media frenzy and several complaints in India.

Bombay police said they interrogated Singh for more than two hours on Monday on charges of “corrupting the youth of society” and “embarrassing women” and recorded his official statement.

Chief Inspector of Police Jaikumar Suryavanshi told AFP that an investigation was underway, but did not give details of Singh’s statement.

Pictures of Singh, the star of Funny Boy and Simba, lying naked on a rug have sparked controversy in India.

“Of course it’s vulgar, we see his ass… it’s a national issue!” lawyer Vidika Chaube told NDTV days after she filed a police complaint against Singh.

The controversy surrounding Singh, who is married to co-star Deepika Padukone, is part of complaints and allegations against celebrities who violate the vague colonial-era rules on “obscenity”.

Among the figures affected by such complaints is Bollywood star Aamir Khan, who appeared naked on a poster promoting his 2014 film .PK.

Earlier this year, a professor in the Indian city of Kolkata said she was fired after she posted pictures of herself in swimsuits on Instagram and there were rumors that the university was suing her for $12 million.

Lawyer and social activist Abha Singh told AFP the laws need to be updated, noting that young people feel that those who don’t like the image “may turn a blind eye.”

Source: AFP.

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