In Zaporozhye called the approximate date of the referendum on joining Russia

Evgeny Palitsky, head of the civil military administration of the Zaporozhye region, said that a nationwide referendum on joining Russia was scheduled for the first ten days of September.

He added: “According to the decision of the Military-Civilian Administration of the Zaporozhye region, the referendum will be organized at the beginning of next autumn. The exact date has not been set, most likely it will take place in the first decade of September. “Of course, if we have the necessary capabilities. In this case, we very much hope that we will receive some support from Russia in terms of security.”

He noted that the inhabitants of the region want clarity in their position, they want “Russia to remain in the region” and fear the return of the horror they have witnessed over the past eight years.

“The referendum will be held in accordance with the standards and norms that exist in the world today, and on the basis of the practices that exist in the world, including in Ukraine,” he said.

He pointed out that in the coming days, the rules for the process of joining the Zaporozhye region to Russia would be developed and formalized. During which the method of conducting a referendum and the form necessary for this will be developed.

Source: TASS

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