In the event of a cessation of Russian gas supplies, how many days will Germany’s blue fuel reserves last?

A Bloomberg report released on Wednesday concluded that it will be difficult for Germany to get enough natural gas this coming winter, even if supplies are refreshed in line with government targets.

The agency quotes the head of the German federal network, Klaus Müller, that in the event of a complete halt in imports from Russia, Germany’s gas will only last for two and a half months.

The head of the agency that oversees gas distribution in Germany also pointed out that the decision to fill all German gas storage facilities by 95% by November next year is not feasible on the ground.

According to a German official, at the moment the process of filling warehouses with gas is “a little faster than before”, but this “is not a sign that we can relax.”

Germany, which is heavily dependent on Russian gas, is rushing to fill its storage facilities after Western sanctions cut blue fuel flows through Nord Stream 1, exacerbating Europe’s worst energy crisis in decades, which looks set to continue into the next year. The German government has called for reduced consumption, called for rationing and this week introduced a tax on the use of natural gas.

Source: RIA Novosti

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