In support of Russia.. sit-down strike in Italy and demands to withdraw from NATO

More than 500 people gathered in the central square of Italian Verona, protesting against anti-Russian sanctions, demanding Italy’s withdrawal from NATO and stopping the supply of weapons to Kyiv.

Saturday’s sit-in was organized by several parties, including the Veneto-Russia Association and the Verona General Movement for Freedom.

The participants expressed their disagreement with their country’s policy regarding events in Ukraine. Veneto-Russia President Palmarino Zuccatelli told a TASS correspondent: “We consider NATO a dangerous organization that promotes a policy of war. It is very dangerous to continue to arm Ukraine, a country that we know who controls it .In addition, we consider it right to explain the reasons for the intervention of the Russian Federation, which was forced to launch a special military operation.

“We are against sending weapons to Ukraine and call for an end to the aggressive actions of NATO and the United States, which seem to be doing everything possible to expand the scale of the war,” Zuccatelli added.

The organizers of the demonstration raised large banners with slogans in support of Italy’s withdrawal from NATO and the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions. Some participants brought Russian flags.

Source: TASS

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