In March, Bahrain stood alone as the only country where prices declined globally

The Kingdom of Bahrain is the only country in the world that experienced deflation (a continuous decline in prices for goods and services) every year in March of this year.

The consumer price index in Bahrain fell 0.1 percent year on year in March.

According to the Bahrain Information Authority, the consumer price index in the Kingdom decreased by 0.6 percent compared to February 2023.

According to Novosti agency estimates, inflation as a whole slowed down in early spring in 102 countries. And it turns out that Russia is on the list of leading countries in slowing down inflation. The most notable declines were in South Sudan (down 12.1 percentage points), Ghana (down 7.8 percentage points), Russia (down 7.5 percentage points), Belarus (down 5.7 percentage points), Zimbabwe and Turkey (down 4.7 percentage points).

At the same time, in March, prices rose in 34 countries, the highest level was in Lebanon (74.2 percentage points), while inflation rose significantly in Burundi (by 4.6 percentage points), Pakistan (3.9 percentage points) and Ethiopia ( 2.2 percentage points).

The rise in prices in early spring has not changed in four countries: Mongolia, Timor-Leste, Kenya and Namibia.

The study was conducted by the Novosti agency based on data from the national statistical services of 193 UN member states. The final sample included 142 countries using March data.

Earlier, Novosti calculations showed that Russia, with an annual inflation of 3.5% in March, ranked 102nd in terms of price growth among all countries of the world, while low inflation in Europe was only in three other countries. – Spain and Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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