In his last appearance in the House of Commons, Johnson quotes"Terminator" He advises his successor

Boris Johnson, the outgoing British prime minister, was greeted by Conservative Party MPs in his latest appearance in the House of Commons and addressed them with a line from the movie The Terminator.

The parting line “Hasta la vista baby” from the movie The Terminator, which means “until we meet again”, sparked speculation that he might be planning a comeback, adding, “Mission mostly accomplished… for now.”

Johnson gave a number of pieces of advice to his successor, saying, “First: stay close to the Americans, support the Ukrainians, stand up for freedom and democracy everywhere. Second: cut taxes and deregulate where possible to make this a better place to live and invest, and third: always look in your rearview mirror.”

In violation of the House of Commons code of conduct, Conservative MPs applauded, praising Johnson for what was nearly his last appearance in the House of Commons as Prime Minister.

As for his predecessor, Theresa May, she also stood for the deputies of the party, but she alone did not applaud him. Labor MPs also did not join in the applause as they headed for the exit doors, where Johnson signed a list of his alleged accomplishments in office.

Source: The Independent

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