"in case of force majeure" "Gazprom" Informs its customers in Europe that it will not supply them with gas

Reuters published the text of a notice sent by the Russian company Gazprom to its customers in Europe on the 14th of this month, in which they were notified that “it will not guarantee their gas supply due to force majeure.” ”

According to the notice, according to Reuters, the company announced “force majeure in shipments as of June 14.”

The well-known “force majeure” is defined as a standard in employment contracts and provides for extraordinary circumstances that relieve a party from its legal obligations.

Uniper, Germany’s largest importer of Russian gas, was among the customers who said they received this letter from the Russian side and officially dismissed the “claim as unfounded.”

RWE (RWEG.DE), Germany’s largest energy producer and importer of Russian gas, said it had received a force majeure notice, adding: “Please understand that we cannot comment on the details of this notice or our legal opinion on it.”

Source: Reuters

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