Hungary urges Europe to find peace in Ukraine instead of imposing new sanctions against Russia

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Monday that the European Union should look for ways to reach a peaceful settlement in Ukraine, and not formulate new sanctions against Russia.

“The military situation (in Ukraine) is deteriorating, but Brussels is formulating a new package of sanctions instead of establishing peace,” Szijjarto wrote on his Facebook page ahead of a new meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Brussels.

He added: “Peace is the only solution that will subsequently prevent unnecessary loss of life, remove inflation, overcome complete energy uncertainty and eliminate food supply difficulties.”

European Union foreign ministers are expected to meet in Brussels on Monday to discuss new sanctions against Russia, including a ban on Russian gold supplies and an additional 500 million euros in military aid to Kyiv. They will also discuss the situation with the transportation of grain from Ukraine by sea. Brussels hopes for the success of the negotiations conducted by Russia, Turkey and Ukraine with the participation of the UN in Istanbul. European ministers will also deal with the peace process in the Middle East, relations with the countries of the Persian Gulf, North Africa and Latin America, and the crisis in Sri Lanka.

Source: TASS

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