Hungary follows Poland’s lead and bans Ukrainian grain imports.

Similar to Poland, Hungary on Saturday announced a ban on the import of grain and other agricultural products from Ukraine to protect its domestic production.

The Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture has said that grains, oilseeds and many other agricultural products will be banned as the ban lasts until June 30.

Budapest said in a statement that during the lockdown period, “the government awaits a permanent decision and action from the European Union.”

“He aims to represent the interests of the Hungarian agricultural community,” she added.

It should be noted that on Saturday the Cabinet of Ministers of Poland authorized the relevant ministries of the country to introduce a temporary ban on the import of grain and food products from Ukraine.

Six EU countries, including Poland, advocated the creation of a single European mechanism for the purchase of Ukrainian grain and the introduction of customs quotas for agricultural products from Ukraine to the EU countries.

Source: AFP + RT

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