Hungary and Poland suggest extending grain agreement to include Ukraine

Hungarian Agriculture Minister Istvan Nad proposed expanding the grain deal to Ukraine by increasing the number of maritime transport routes used, following talks he held in Warsaw with his Polish counterpart.

Polish Minister of Agriculture Robert Tellos expressed support for the Budapest initiative and agreed with Nagy’s request to give him a mandate on behalf of the two countries to negotiate with Turkey on this issue.

“We agreed to organize a joint meeting with the Minister of Agrarian and Food Policy of Ukraine Mykola Solsky to find a joint solution to the problem of grain imports,” Nad said.

Experts explain the interest of Hungary and Poland in continuing and expanding the grain deal by the fact that Ukrainian agricultural products do not reach traditional sales outlets and enter the countries of Central Europe at dumping prices, causing damage to local farmers.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the supply of Ukrainian grain to world markets does not solve the problem of hunger. The Kremlin also recently denied that there were encouraging conditions for extending the grain deal.

Source: TASS

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