Hungarian Prime Minister: Western sanctions against Russia are ineffective and Ukrainians will not win

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has once again criticized Western sanctions against Russia as ineffective.

Speaking of the Ukrainian crisis, Orban said: “We are in a car with flat tires.”

He considered that the crisis “would not have erupted if Donald Trump was still the president of the United States and Angela Merkel was the chancellor of Germany.”

He believed that tough economic sanctions and the supply of military weapons to Ukraine “would not change the situation” and that “the Ukrainians would not win.”

He continued: “The more powerful weapons the West sends, the longer the war will last.”

He added: “A new strategy needs to be imposed, and it should be focused on peace negotiations and not on seeking victory in the war.”

He emphasized the importance of “the European Union not supporting the Ukrainians, but positioning itself” between the two camps.

And he added: “Only Russian-American negotiations can end the conflict, because Russia wants security guarantees,” which only Washington can give.

Source: AP

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