Hundreds of meters of Japanese lines to honor the memory of Shinzo Abe at the crash site

The Japanese gathered in columns stretching for hundreds of meters at the site where former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was killed by a gunman while speaking at a campaign rally in the Japanese city of Nara on Friday.

Hundreds of people, among whom were deputies and public figures, gathered to lay bouquets of flowers at the site of the terrorist attack in commemoration of his memory.

Shinzo Abe was attacked on Friday morning in the Japanese city of Nara by gunfire from behind, in which he was wounded and died.

41-year-old Japanese striker Tetsuya Yamagami fired two shots from behind the politician Abe from a distance of about 10 meters, and after the second shot, Abe fell.

Sources said that during the attack, Abi was wounded in the right side of the neck, after which bleeding was observed. In addition, bleeding was recorded in the chest area on the left, noting that at the time of the injury he was conscious, but during transportation his condition became critical, “with cardiac and pulmonary arrest.”

Source: RT

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