Human rights activist: European countries treat Ukrainian refugees like kings, and Arab refugees like epidemics

Paris-based human rights researcher Saleh Hegab spoke about the extent of discrimination and racism that Western countries face with refugees during a meeting on Nas Online with journalist Ahmed El-Gamal.

Hijab referred to an Amnesty International report that accused the Lithuanian authorities of holding Syrian and Iraqi refugees in inhumane conditions, during which they were subjected to torture and other abuse, stating:

“Unfortunately, what Lithuania is doing in terms of violations against refugees is the same as what all Western countries are doing that pay tribute to human rights. They just don’t add the word “human rights” or in the sense of human rights. , they say human rights, but when we get to the truth, we see that they act differently. We see that they treat Ukrainian refugees like kings, and those who are associated with the Maghreb or Arabs in general treat them like an epidemic penetrates into them countries, and every frontier country that does not want to be held accountable should deal with them in this way.”

While Hussein Hader, deputy head of the Federal Secretariat for Migration in the Social Democratic Party of Germany, pointed to the refugee crisis, racism and discrimination against them.

“In many hadiths, you say that the Ukrainians in Germany got along better than the Syrians, but the Syrians at one time also work for them with special advantages that were not there at that time. the number increased than expected, they were distributed by city, as was the case with Ukraine.”

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