Head of the NPT conference: Moscow and Washington may be left without a treaty "Start"

Gustavo Zlauvenen, head of the NPT Review Conference, said that Moscow and Washington could be left in 2026 without a Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty.

According to him, this can happen if the current situation, which is expressed in the absence of communication at the highest level between the two sides, continues.

He added: “If the situation we are living in today continues… a situation in which there is no high-level contact between Moscow and Washington, then yes, we may face such a situation.”

However, the president of the international conference mentioned expressed the hope that this would not happen.

Notably, the START-3 treaty is the only remaining system between the US and Russia in the field of nuclear weapons control, and it has been extended to a five-year term, expiring in 2026.

Russia and the United States began to agree on the parameters of a future nuclear arms control treaty, but broke off the dialogue after the start of a Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

Source: RIA Novosti

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