Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran’s nuclear energy: a kind word is not enough

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, explained that the agency “does not know if Iran is developing nuclear weapons.”

“When it comes to uranium enrichment in Tehran, the problem is that all this work is going on and we don’t have the opportunity to see it, we don’t know what’s going on,” Rafael Grossi told CNN.

He continued by sending a message to Tehran: “They in Iran should restore all our inspection capabilities. If they want to be trusted, trust must exist. In the nuclear field, the only way to build trust is through inspection. enough.” He believes that the space to reach an agreement is “shrinking”.

And the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency added: “Obviously, the talks have not produced the desired results, and if this does not happen, we will certainly enter a phase of uncertainty, when Iran will be with a program that is moving very quickly and without a number of inspection opportunities, which would give us (the international community) confidence and reassurance that nothing bad is happening in Iran. We know that the negotiations are going through a difficult stage and we are hoping for the best, but at the moment I think that the space for this is narrowing, let’s see what happens in the next few days.

Yesterday, Monday, Iran confirmed that it will not be returning additional cameras to the International Atomic Energy Agency at this time, as Mohammad Eslami, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, said: “The additional surveillance cameras are linked to the nuclear deal. …if the West returns to an agreement, and we are sure that they will not take steps. If they are not intact, we will decide whether to return these cameras.”

He stressed that “Tehran has no secrets in its nuclear activities, and enrichment operations are carried out under the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

Source: “CNN” + “Tasnim”

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