Head of the Czech General Staff: From the first minute we will be involved in any confrontation that breaks out between Russia and"NATO"

Chief of the Czech General Staff Karel Rejka said that the West did not want to notice the escalation in Ukraine for years, and that the Czech army would be involved from the first minute in any confrontation that breaks out between Russia and NATO.

He said: “The warning period for this crisis has been going on since at least 2014, but Western society did not want to see signs of it. We hoped things would calm down, but hope is not a strategy.”

And he considered the events in Ukraine “a wake-up call for everyone”, and added: “If a conflict breaks out between Russia and NATO, the Czech army will participate in this battle from the first moment. which today are destroying Ukraine, can reach the Czech lands… the situation is dangerous.”

He stressed that the rearmament of the army had become absolutely necessary.

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